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Joe, a stunning, dark bay, classic thoroughbred, was previously owned and competed by Olympic Four Star Rider Jan Byyny.  Jan gave him the nickname “Angry Joe” and he certainly is a character!  He is always busy making faces and looking for cookies.  Joe seems to have the scope for upper level eventing and Martha is excited to begin her partnership with him!  Joe is stabled between Danny and Garth, so hopefully they will give him some tips on how to fill their very big shoes!

Call to Order

Also knows as Angry Joe

2008 TB Gelding

Danny Guiseppe

Also known as Danny

1995 New Zealand TB Gelding

Danny had a long and successful upper level career, competing through the intermediate level for many years.  Martha acquired Danny from a childhood friend and enjoyed many competitions on him, including finishing 4th in their first intermediate together at MDHT and 7th at the Fair Hill one star.  A rather intense individual, Danny likes strict adherence to his routine, belly rubs whenever possible, and his absolute favorite thing is cross country!  Danny is enjoying semi-retirement while teaching the next generation of riders the ropes of eventing at Rax Run.

Garth Rax

Also known as just Garth

1995 TB Gelding

Garth was Martha’s horse as a young rider and as a horse who truly embodies the spirit of eventing, the business is named after him.  He is a very stoic horse, with an unmatched work ethic, and a phenominal gallop. Garth is a fabulous moving thoroughbred and really lovely on the flat, though his tongue hanging habit often kept his scores from reflecting it.  And while he was never too careful in the show jumping, he was an absolute cross country machine!  He competed through the advanced level with Paul Ebersole.  At their last event together, Martha and Garth finished 4th in the prelim at Fair Hill, with the fastest young rider xc time that day!  Unfortunately, back issues ended Garth’s upper level career fairly early, but he took students around the novice level for many years.  

He is now fully retired from competition and serves as the Rax Run mascot. 

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