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Schleese custom saddles significantly contribute to the protection, well-being and health of all Rax Run Eventing Horses and Riders, through innovative saddle design, saddle fit analyses, personalized education and saddle fitting services.

Schleese is committed to excellence and quality in each and every handcrafted saddle, bridle, girth and stirrup leathers they produce.

They understand your needs and riding challenges because they are riders too! Is your horse hollow, resistant, lacking engagement? Does he have gait abnormalities, a 4-beat canter, sore back or poor attitude? Do you struggle with poor position, balance or have back, hip or pelvic discomfort? These challenges may be caused by ill-fitting tack. They specialize in fully adjustable saddles ergonomically designed to help women and men ride more comfortably, effectively and free of pain, accommodating the bio-mechanics of movement for maximum comfort for your horse.

Schleese is committed to research and innovation, providing education through Saddlefit 4 Life® for equine professionals and those who care about protecting horse and rider from long-term damage. They help over 6000 horses and riders every year!


TRIBUTE® Horse Feeds have been designed and approved by Ph.D. EQUINE nutritionists with decades of experience and knowledge developing state-of-the-art, innovative equine diets.”

Their fixed formula products are based on the latest research and are manufactured under very strict quality control standards. Their products are  competitively priced, and designed specifically for your horse whether a backyard friend, young and grown or competitive Event horse,  TRIBUTE® Horse Feeds are the official feed of choice for all Rax Run Eventing’s Horses. 

For more info regarding their incredible products please contact Martha for a personal testimonial or contact our TRIBUTE® Horse Feed Representative; Larry Belluscio at 

for more info.  Please also visit their website:

Martha's Personal Product Testimonial:

"I am proud to feed Tribute Feeds, which truly keep all the horses at Rax Run Eventing performing their best!  The evidence is in the horses- they are in good weight, have beautiful shiny coats, excellent muscle tone, and the energy and focus needed to compete.  It tastes great and even the pickiest eaters gobble it up!  The nutritional analysis reveals only the highest quality and consistent sources of fat, protein, vitamins and minerals, making Tribute products superior to that of their competitors.  As a business owner, I appreciate that Tribute offers reasonable prices and that I am able to feed less volume than with other products. Because of the high vitamin and mineral content, I have been able to cut out almost all supplements.  Lastly, the knowledgeable and caring reps at Tribute provide the support I need to make sure that the Rax Run feeding program is always right on track.  And with a wide array of products, there is an answer for any need.  I would highly recommend Tribute Feeds! "



EquiBelts believes that when you feel your best, you will perform your best. Therefore, they are dedicated to making every rider feel as confident as they can be. Their focus is on the classic woven belt. Not only do we provide a variety of colors, we also provide un-beatable prices. All belts are affordable yet durable and we plan to keep it that way!  Their unique and quirky branding is what we adore most.  With many unique options like the "Pirouette", "Upward Transition", "Counter Canter", and "Victory Gallop" belts all available to help you look and feel you absolute best! EquiBelts is Rax Run Eventing first official Team sponsor, and we are thrilled about this partnership!

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